At Design Lab, University of Sydney, I publish in connected idea networks through data visualisation and games studies, and conduct research in roguelike games and participants at game jams.

At CSIRO and Data61,  my work focuses on high-impact, real-time data visualisation, crafting data-driven engineering and design, and I publish with my scientist colleagues in climate science, and in agricultural roads optimisations.


I participate in numerous conferences and meetups, and have given over 35 talks. In Melbourne, I organise Computer Graphics on the Web with other co-organisers, focusing in real-time graphics programming, creative coding, animation, and their intersections with design.

You can usually find me on Twitter (@Xavier_Ho), Github (@Spaxe), and reach me by Email (


Evoking Inspiration for Game Jam Ideas
Xavier Ho
2nd International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons, and Game Creation Events, San Francisco, 2017 | Full Paper | Citation

Systematic Analysis of Inland Water Quality Using Datacube Concepts
Janet Anstee, Tim Malthus, Hannelie Botha, Eric Lehmann, Xavier Ho, Klaus Joehnk, Nagur Cherukuru, Arnold Dekker
World Lakes Conference, Bali, Indonesia, 2016 | Abstract | Citation

The Enlightened Jammer: Intrinsic Drives for Game Jam Participations
Xavier Ho
DiGRA Australia National Conference, Melbourne, 2016 | Full Paper | Citation

Finding Design Influence within Roguelike Games
Xavier Ho, Martin Tomitsch, Tomasz Bednarz
International Conference on Meaningful Play, East Lansing, 2016 | Website | Full Paper | Citation

Tapping into the Gaming Community for Roguelikes
Xavier Ho
DiGRA Australia Queensland Symposium, Brisbane, 2016 | Extended Abstract | Citation

Smoke and Fire: Air Pollution Visualisation in Australia
Xavier Ho, Martin Cope
eResearch Australasia, Melbourne, 2016 | Website | Extended Abstract | Citation

Conceptualising Inspiration Networks in Game Design
Xavier Ho, Martin Tomitsch, Tomasz Bednarz
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Art and Chartjunk: a Guide for NEUVis (Invited Journal Submission)
Phillip Gough, Kate Dunn, Tomasz Bednarz, Xavier Ho
International Journal of Software Informatics, 9(1), 2015 | Full Paper | Citation

Art and Chartjunk: a Guide for NEUVis
Phillip Gough, Xavier Ho, Kate Dunn, Tomasz Bednarz
7th Intl. Symposium on Visual Info. Comm. and Interaction, Sydney, 2014 | Full Paper | Citation

Game Design Inspiration in Global Game Jam
Xavier Ho, Martin Tomitsch, Tomasz Bednarz
DiGRA Australia Symposium, Melbourne, 2014 | Extended Abstract | Citation

Get in touch

I am available for giving technical talks, consulting in data-driven projects, and collaboration on real-time visualisation work. You can reach me by email.