Elm Town Podcast on Generative Art

Following my talk on generative art at YOW! Lambda Jam, I had a super fun conversation with Kevin Yank on my work process, design process, inspiration, and most importantly, technical insights using the programming language, Elm

The podcast episode is published at Elm Town, episode 34. You can listen to the episode above, or go to the podcast page and subscribe with one of your podcaster apps.

If you are interested in my presentation recording, video is up on YouTube.

Golden Fleece

Throw anything and watch it go BOOM!

You are the protector of the sheep and gold. When the vikings invaded, you are their only hope.

Bombard the vikings into bits! Scare and scatter their formations! Throw anything you have at them to stop them from taking the gold!

This game was originally developed in the 48-hour Hectic Games Jam, and have been presented at St Leonard's TAFEResearch Visions and Make Code Play.

Julian Wilton did the whole visual design. Hanley Weng and Xavier Ho (me) did the programming.

Hanley wrote up a nice post on the process.