WWW 2017

I was invited to be on a mixed reality panel at WWW2017 with Mark PesceViveka WeileyStuart Anderson, and Kate Raynes-Goldie. The panel was well received and had a good turnout, following Mark Pesce’s keynote on Mixed Reality Service that morning.

As part of the conference, I attended the Trust Factory, and learned a lot about governance, policy, and research on trust and security on the web. The most notable one was probably W3C Verifiable Claim, a third-party certifiable process that prove some information to be genuine. I also learned about distributed ledgers, and by the way, did you know that Amazon checkouts do not go through a centralised choke point, and they have to deal with possible backorders?

I also attended a workshop held by Rossano Schifanella (who recommended me to try out Mapzen, good idea), Bart Thomee, and David Shamma. (They are all ex-Yahoo! engineers who went separate ways.) They delivered a crash course on geography/cartography literature, geospatial analytics, and visaulisation. I also met Martin Tomko at the workshop, who is doing very interesting work at Unimelb, and hope to catch coffee with him one day.

For the rest of the conference I saw various industry and research talks. Some interesting ones include setting up an internet service for people on Mars (fun fact: it takes 8–48 minutes to relay), and Gmail uses inbox history to predict new emails and filter spams. You can see the entire WWW 2017 proceedings here.

Last but not the least, the day before our panel, Nature published a climate forcing paper discussing a strong correlation between solar intensity and CO2 concentration in our atmosphere. We decided to do a 3-hour hackathon to produce a visualisation of the paper to explain the effect by visuals, all done in WebGL. Hope you like it.

Direction 2016

Direction 2016

Above: Jacob Bijani & Pasquale D'Silva dressed up as Dracula, talking about animation and game development at Direction 2016.

This was my 7th year in attending Web Directions, now known as Direction. A two-day conference (plus masterclasses) with inspiring design talks and passionate attendees. It's my personal favourite and how my career was launched in Sydney.

As I did in the past, here is a series of speaker and MC portraits I took during the conference. Missed it? Don't worry, Ben Buchanan compiled a large list of notes for you. The ending keynote is also available as a post-speech transcript with slides, arranged by the amazing Maciej Ceglowski.

Special thanks to all the attendees, speakers, volunteers, venue and conference organisers who made this event possible and awe-striking this year.

Web Directions 2014

Web Directions 2014

This year, the awespiring, thought provoking and insightful conference Web Directions is held at Seymour Centre near the University of Sydney, where I am based. We have worked closely with the conference organisers John and Maxine to record the event as complete as possible. On Thursday, my camera left a trail of visual memories encoded in these pixels.

You can see the program schedule here. Talks are (mostly) recorded, and will be progressively made available online starting mid November.