Interaction Design for Education Designers

Interaction Design for Education Designers

Listen to the talk or download the MP3:

You can apply design principles in your work, too.

I gave a talk at the Learning Analytics and Education Data Seminar, University of New South Wales. Half or more people in the audience were educators and instructional designers in academia. While this talk was structured for them, the principles are applicable for other fields.

In this talk, "Design as Invitation to Interaction", I presented three barriers to designed objects, and used case studies as well as examples of good and bad design to show how they can be over come. They are:

  1. Mistimed, misplaced, misused
  2. It's dangerous to go alone!
  3. Technology is creepy

I referenced several video productions and documents I was involved during the talk. You can follow along:

You can find a copy of my slides (PDF), and slides below.